BronxTimes: What Should We recycle?

October 2017 – CEO, Ron Bergamini, addresses local Bronx paper to discuss recent recycling laws in NYC and the importance of recycling.

“It is fashionable for many to condemn New York City’s ‘recycling rate.’ It is equally fashionable for other cities to boast of their higher recycling rate and greener citizenry. It’s a small wonder that cities one fifth the size of New York would generate better statistics compared to the nation’s largest cities, including one city a few hundred years older than, say, San Francisco or Seattle. This is not to suggest that numbers are irrelevant, but reminds us of the need to be careful to ask the right questions before choosing data to provide meaningful answers. When discussing the environment and how best to protect and preserve it, data can be complex and subject to misrepresentation. Which brings me back to recycling. Most look to Rachel Carson and her book, ‘Silent Spring.’ published in 1962 as the start of the modern environmental movement.”

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