Proudly serving residents of New Jersey and New York

Interstate Waste Services is proud to be the long-standing residential garbage pickup and recycling services provider for homeowners throughout New Jersey and New York. From curbside garbage and recycling pickup to removal of bulk items and dumpster rental, we offer a variety of residential collection services to keep your home and neighborhood clean.

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If you are a homeowner or route customer with questions regarding your service, billing, or bulky trash pickup, please call our customer service department 1-866-DIAL-IWS or visit our FAQ page.


If you are working on a home clean-out or renovation project, we provide convenient, professional dumpster rental and service. Visit our dumpster rental page for more.

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Residential Driver Quotes

“People depend on our services, so I strive to be on time and do my job well every day.  After doing this job for many years, I know how to move quickly while always being safe.”


– Van

“I understand that we provide a vital service to our community, and I take pride in my work. People are counting on me to keep their neighborhoods clean.”


– Mark

“I complete each house thoroughly and always make sure I am being safe.  Everyday I leave each house feeling confident that I have done my job well.”


– Jay

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Recycling Tips

In the U.S., the biggest challenge to recycling is knowing what to recycle! Please check our downloadable/printable guides to help you and your family recycle right.