Bio-Gas Recovery

Modern landfills are highly engineered facilities, leveraging proven technology to monitor emissions and safeguard the surrounding environment. Our landfill located in Amsterdam, Ohio not only applies these technologies, but is also equipped with a state-of-the-art landfill gas recovery system. While diversion of waste is our goal, we are committed to providing responsible waste disposal when necessary.

The gas recovery system captures gas produced during decomposition deep within the landfill where it is generated. The gas is then cleaned and converted into electricity or pipelined to CNG stations to fuel CNG vehicles.

Benefits of Bio-Gas Recovery


Renewable energy

Methane captured from landfills is a carbon neutral, green, renewable energy that can fuel vehicles or help power the electricity grid.


24/7 Energy

Landfill gas is generated 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Methane is a natural by-product of organic decomposition. 


Reduces Greenhouse Gas Emissions

All landfills generate methane. By capturing landfill gases, we reduce the greenhouse gases emitted into the air and help slow climate change.


Offsets the use of non-renewable resources

By producing energy from landfill gas, we lessen pollution that comes from drilling, mining, transporting, and burning non-renewable resources such as coal, oil, and natural gas.

IWS Gas Recovery

The IWS landfill gas recovery plant uses the natural decomposition process, collects the gas naturally generated, and converts it into sustainable energy.

Our renewable landfill gas recovery and processing system provides pipeline quality renewable natural gas.


How does it work?


During the natural decomposition process, methane gas is generated. Methane is a natural byproduct of organic decomposition and when captured in landfills is a carbon neutral, green, renewable energy.


A series of wells are drilled into the landfill where methane gas is generated.


Methane and other landfill gases are collected and sent into a series of chambers where they are extracted and cleaned (dehumidified, filtered and compressed).


The cleaned methane gas is piped to either high intensity engines that convert the gas into electricity or processed and pipelined to CNG stations to fuel CNG vehicles.

Bio-Gas Recovery System

Did you know?

Our gas to energy plant can power 30,000 homes annually through MWs of electricity.

Methane is the largest component of natural gas which is considered the earth’s cleanest fossil fuel.

It is estimated that together, the biogas sites across the U.S. reduce emissions equivalent to removing 117 million passenger vehicles from the road.