Victory in Action: The 2018 CEO Report Tri-State Corporate Culture Award

On January 24th, we were proud to take home the 2018 CEO Report Tristate Corporate Culture Award! This now makes it the second year in a row that we have won, this notable award. To qualify for this, we answered some essay questions that allowed us to tell our story as an industry as well as what makes our culture unique.

Corporate Culture Award

To receive the award, we had to submit answers about why we feel our culture at Action is worthy. For example, one question addressed if we take part in any fun contests, company trips, or team building outings throughout the year. Of course, we do! Through our partnership with baseball organizations, employees’ kids have been given the opportunity to go onto the field, the dugout, and meet various players. We also created the Safest Driver of the Year Award, where the winner received an all-expense paid trip to Walt Disney World! (Watch that video here.)


They also asked, what we feel is the key to building a great company culture. “The key to building a great company culture is by living our core values of team, integrity, respect, and accountability to name a few through deliberate communication and actions.

Corporate Culture Award2

The event itself celebrated the importance of a positive corporate culture in the workplace. Guest got a behind the scenes look at what make Action’s company culture like no other.