See How Hope & Heroes Helps Local Children In Their Fight

We are more than proud to continue to spread the message for our friends at Hope & Heroes whose mission is to fund the life-saving work on childhood cancer and blood disorders at Columbia University Medical Center. The awareness and donations they raise, goes to treatment and care for local children which gives them their best chance to overcome their disease but also allows them to experience as much of their childhoods as possible.

Don’t just take our word for it…see what an amazing impact this organization and Columbia University Medical Center has had on local children and their families on their fight against cancer.

 A donation of $25 can

– Support a child’s milestone celebration, such as birthdays and end-of-treatment

– Provide meals for a family with great need

– Supply character band-aids for patients to choose from after any needle procedure


A contribution of $50 will

– Support SAT prep classes for patients and survivors

– Help fund support groups for patients, parents, and siblings

– Provide books and movies for children to use when staying in the hospital


Your gift of $100

– Supports integrative sessions for patients to help with side effects from treatment

– Helps provide educational assistance for patients, including tutoring and college prep

– Provide transportation to and from the hospital for children and families


A donation of $250

– Supports assistance for a cancer patient who is transitioning back to school

– Provides psychosocial counseling for children with cancer and their family members

– Assist families with out-of-pocket medical costs, such as co-pays and prescriptions


For a gift of $500, you can

– Fund red blood cell transfusions for a child undergoing treatment

– Make it possible for a child with cancer to attend summer camp

– Provide lodging in a nearby hotel for a family whose child is receiving treatment


Your generous gift of $1,000

– Supports fertility preservation for pediatric cancer patients

– Helps families pay for yearly health check-ups for their young cancer survivor

– Provides life-saving bone marrow transplants for children with cancer     

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