Driving With Sun Glare: Safety University

Safety Video of the Month: Driving With Sun Glare

This past Sunday we said goodbye to Summer and hello to the Fall. With the cooler temps and changing leaves, comes the added risk of driving hazards due to sun glare. It might sound counterintuitive, but sun glare is actually worse in the fall.

driving with sun glare

Why? This has mostly to do with the sun moving closer to the horizon.

Sun glare can best be described as sunlight obstructing your windshield during sunrise and sunset hours, making it incredibly difficult to see anything in front of you. Unfortunately for us, we also happen to drive during the times when sun glare is the worst (the morning and evening commute).

Here we offer you some useful tips on how to drive safely when experiencing sun glare.

  1. Invest in polarized sunglasses
  2. Utilize your visor
  3. Leave more following room
  4. Drive with headlights on
  5. Keep windshield clean
  6. Check windshield for pitting and cracks
  7. Avoid storing items on dashboard
  8. Use lane markings

Use these 8 simple tips to minimize sun glare and ti will make you a safer driver on the road. Remember safety is no accident!

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