Pace University Environmental Students Visits the Action Environmental MRF

Yesterday, Professor Dupuis and her Environmental Studies and Science students from Pace University stopped by our material recycling facility in the Bronx.

IMG 4126

Students were given an up-close look at how recycling works in such a heavily populated area like New York City. Director of Recycling Operations, Chris Morgan showed students how the Optical Sorters onsite help yield a higher rate of recyclable materials.

The students had great questions regarding the difference between private and public waste management facilities and if that can effect the way waste is processed.

IMG 4070

Pace Universities Environmental Studies and Science (ESS) program aims to address issues facing the environments. Issues, such as climate change, toxic waste, and environmental injustice, that affect our future. The program provides students with an understanding of the problems we face in our relationship with the natural world, as well as the empirical tools to observe and analyze those relationships.

Thanks for stopping by guys, we hoped you learned something valuable.