More Than Waste

Dale Carnegie famously said you should always catch people doing something right. With that being said, we would like to take his advice and give a shout out to our driver Bryce Pointer and his helper Donnie McMillan Truck 203 from our Jersey City Action depot for establishing a great relationship with the neighborhoods they service for waste pickup.

While out on a route observation, one of our Risk Management team members, Bill Falleta, witnessed something incredible. People in the neighborhood were happy to see our driver and helper Bryce and Donnie! Bill witnessed people smiling and waving to them while others came running by with some cold water to keep them hydrated on a hot summer night. Bill said that the best part of the night was when an elderly woman and her dog came out of a residential building just to see our guys work. She said that she and her dog come out every night to greet them and her dog loves to watch them in ACTION! (Get it). Bill added that, “you can tell there was a relationship built there, both Bryce and Donnie walked over to pet the dog and speak to the woman for a bit, it was nice to see that this crew had a great relationship with the neighbors on their route.”

Here it is more than waste. These employees are the epitome of that, to gain a relationship with the customers and neighborhoods they service shows who they really are.