Front Line Manager Safety Training

Earlier this month we invited our front line Managers to attend our first Front Line Manager Training session. Here we had a meaningful discussion on Safety here at Action.

The discussion was lead by Ross Sandler, a Law Professor at NewYork Law School. Ross also has had a very successful career as a Safety Consultant for Con-Ed and worked as the Department of Transportation Commissioner under Mayor Edward Koch.

Ross talked about topics that managers must remember in order to run a safe and efficient team in the workplace. In safety, the overall concept is to never stop  training. While following the key topics remember that they can always be adjusted to your specific team. Not every team runs the same but working with your employees as well will let them know you trust them in the workplace.

Here at IWS/Action we like to keep a record of how safe our employees are. So managers and employees can track how there is progress in the workplace and separate us from other companies in the waste industry.

5 Important Safety Topics

  1. Safety Culture
  2. Cooperative Effort
  3. Effective Communication
  4. Follow Through
  5. Practical Drift

The video below highlights the important topics covered and what is expected of all employees as we are all members of the Safety Team!