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What Can I Recycle?

What can I recycle? This is a questions we often get when we visit with customers, communities, residents, and schools. To understand what to recycle, lets first take a look at why we recycle in the first place.


Residential Recycling: Adjusting to Change

Many may not know that residential recycling has evolved over the years, in other words the traditional days of recycling are gone. Due to China no longer accepting most recycling materials we must help ensure that recycling is 99.5 percent pure. Without contamination of recycling this allows China to accept the material and furthermore help profits for waste companies. This forced recycling companies to change their program in order to have a solution for any decreased revenue. What is next for the recycling market? It’s very hard to predict this question but for now our main goal is to work with China and their policy.


Celebrating Earth Day 2018

When you work in the recycling business every day is Earth Day! But it’s still important to come together at local events to speak to members of the community about the importance of recycling.

Let’s take a look at all of the amazing events that took place this year that celebrated the planet and discussed ways that we can help save it.


Earth Week 2016

Today marks a very important day for us as a recycling company, as a business, and as residents of this planet. It’s Earth Day!

Each year on April 22 we celebrate the anniversary of an environmental movement that began over 45 years ago.


Action CEO Ron Bergamini Presents at Green Festival NYC

This past weekend our CEO Ron Bergamini spoke to the crowd at the 2016 Green Festival at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City.

The topic was “The State Of Recycling” and how the industry is changing. Ron highlighted the ever changing markets and how that can affect how we as a society recycle waste.


Action Revisits With Environmental Club

To celebrate the start of Spring, we stopped by I.S. 151 in the Bronx to meet with their environmental club.

Action sales rep Vincenzo spoke with the environmental club about the importance of recycling and how it effects the planet. He also explained in detail the steps recycling goes through from its collection at the curb to the final steps at our MRF.


Action Visits The Kips Bay Boys And Girls Club To Talk Recycling

Yesterday we had the pleasure of visiting the Kips Bay Boys and Girls club located in the Bronx.

We were greeted by a number of member’s ages 6-9 years old. The purpose of our visit was to discuss the importance of recycling and how it effects our planet. Action CEO, Ron Bergamini spoke with the kids and explained what common items they should recycle and what these items can be recycled into.


What do Plastic Recycling Symbols Mean?

You’ve seen them before. The little number surrounded by triangle arrows on the bottom of your shampoo bottle and other plastic items. But what do they mean? You know you should recycle your plastic items but have you been recycling them properly? Let’s learn what recycling symbols mean.