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Updating Our Paid Parental Leave Benefit

Paid Parental Leave Benefit

Introducing a New Addition to Our Paid Parental Leave Benefit

Providing our employees with a world-class workplace is a key characteristic that separates our company from others. Wile we provide our employees with a number of benefits, we are proud to announce an addition to our parental leave policy.

While we have always had a parental leave policy, the new feature eases the financial burden that many parents face while out on paternal leave. Employees will now be given a paid leave benefit for a period at 50% their base compensation to take leave to welcome and bond with the child.

This new benefit will hopefully bridge the income gap many face while receiving state & federal leave benefits and allow our employees to enjoy time with a new addition to their families, whether through birth or adoption, birth-mothers and other new parents.  

Many other industries have taken to updating their paid parental leave policies to be more inclusive and to address financial concerns, the Waste Industry was certainly lacking. We hope this new benefit will inspire others in the industry to do the same.

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How to Write a Good Cover Letter

Looking for a career change? Have you sent your resume to hundreds of job postings but haven’t had any responses? The problem may be your cover letter. You may ask yourself “do I really need a cover letter?” The answer is YES!

Your cover letter is your first opportunity to introduce yourself, present your qualifications, and show the search committee you are a potential candidate for the advertised position. Our Director of HR, Osa Willis, explains how to write a good cover letter.