Americans Think They Are Recycling Correctly But Are They Really?

Recycling provides many opportunities along with many challenges. I have an optimistic view that most people make a genuine effort to recycle. Surprisingly, one of the biggest challenges in the recycling industry isn’t the effort of the people, it’s overenthusiastic attempts to actually recycle the un-recyclable.

There are a lot of old rules, mix messages and misinformed recycling messages out there. Waste Management even stated that they lost 1 billion dollars in revenue is because they have not educated their customer properly. We agree! We are looking to improve and we want to open up this post as a forum to have you ask us your questions!

Sample questions:

  1. Is item X recyclable?
  2. What happens to our recycling?
  3. How can I help in my community/ office to recycle better?

Let us know your thoughts!