Action Revisits With Environmental Club

To celebrate the start of Spring, we stopped by I.S. 151 in the Bronx to meet with their environmental club.

Action sales rep Vincenzo spoke with the environmental club about the importance of recycling and how it effects the planet. He also explained in detail the steps recycling goes through from its collection at the curb to the final steps at our MRF.


The students had some great questions regarding career paths that environmental students can take to work in the field of recycling.

The I.S. 151 environmental club gives students a platform to discuss issues effecting the environment. They also work to improve the environment through activities such as planting trees and flowers around community. The student’s also take trips to the Bronx Zoo and Botanical Gardens to further their knowledge of all things regarding the environment.


Action worked with the Pencil organization years ago to start the I.S 151 environmental club, so it was a treat to see it still doing so well and how involved the students are. The club will also take a field trip to our MRF blocks away from the school to see the recycling process up close.

Thanks again to the students and staff for letting us stop by.