Action In Action: April From Billing Transforms With CKO

Action would be nothing without the amazing men and women who work with us, and the amazing stories they share that transforms their life.

Today we want to highlight the amazing journey of our Billing Manager April Levine. April is an amazing mother of two who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2015. After kicking cancers butt she turned to CKO Kickboxing to learn how to really kick some butt.

April found a sense of community and support within this kickboxing group. So much so that she built up enough confidence to go way out of her comfort zone and participate in the 2019 Fitness Atlantic show to show how she transforms her life.

On April 13, 2019, April and a group of 50 other CKO team members from various locations competed in the transformation division at the show. This involves walking across a stage in front of 100’s of people in a bikini no less (did we mention the confidence that is needed to do this!!) They read a brief synopsis of each member’s life story as you pose and get judged on your transformation.

IMG 2247

Here is what April had to say about being a part of the Transformation Divison at the show.
“This division is representing a “lighthouse”- a beacon of hope for many other people out there in the world. Everyone chosen has different stories as to why they are doing this. It is more than weight loss as a transformation. Stories vary from being diagnosed with cancer ((my story)) becoming weak and feeling less confident with my new body and feeling worthy & honestly pretty again. Stories vary from eating disorders, serious depression, drug addictions, being in a horrendous accident & other serious health issues, obesity etc…..all rising above the struggles that life can throw at you and finding a passion in fitness and becoming not only physically strong again but mentally strong again. One person they speak about that is in this division has struggled with a simple smile. This person was struggling with depression, never leaving the house and meeting anyone. She stepped out of her comfort zone and a year later now has new friends and smiles all the time and has a passion to live….all from joining CKO and getting herself a happy healthy habit.”

April transforms her life everyday still with CKO and would not have it any other way.

Congratulations to April and the rest of the Transformational Division for going out of their comfort zone and showing the world that anyone can overcome anything and kick butt!