The Action Environmental Group, Inc. Announces Acquisition of J. Pyskaty Disposal, Inc.

Pyskaty Disposal

Teaneck, NJ December 17, 2018 – The Action Environmental Group, provider of non-hazardous waste management and recycling services for New York City, Northern New Jersey, Rockland and Orange County, New York; today announced the completion of its acquisition of J. Pyskaty Disposal, a Hudson County, New Jersey-based waste management company.

With this transaction, The Action Environmental Group, through its subsidiary Interstate Waste Services (IWS), has acquired operations and assets of the Secaucus, NJ based company. The acquired business assets include commercial waste and recycling collection, equipment, vehicles, and staff.

“We are pleased with the acquisition of J. Pyskaty Disposal, to complement our North New Jersey operations. We look for companies whose work ethic and commitment to its employees and customers mimic our own. With this acquisition it further allows us to continue the level of services that customers have come to expect from us” said Ron Bergamini, Action CEO.

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About The Action Environmental Group

Action Environmental Group is the most progressive and innovative provider of non-hazardous waste management and recycling services. In New Jersey it operates under the subsidiary Interstate Waste Services; in New York City as Action Environmental Services. We provide our customers and community with the highest quality and most efficient waste management services for New York City and Northern New Jersey catering to a diverse range of residential, industrial and commercial customers. We have committed to be the most dependable, competitive and responsible waste and environmental service company.

About J. Pyskaty Disposal

J. Pyskaty Disposal is a local, family owned and operated solid waste hauling business engaged in the business of removal and disposal of waste and recycling material for commercial customers in Bergan, Passaic, and Hudson counties in New Jersey.

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