Residential Recycling: Adjusting to Change

Many may not know that residential recycling has evolved over the years, in other words the traditional days of recycling are gone. Due to China no longer accepting most recycling materials we must help ensure that recycling is 99.5 percent pure. Without contamination of recycling this allows China to accept the material and furthermore help profits for waste companies. This forced recycling companies to change their program in order to have a solution for any decreased revenue. What is next for the recycling market? It’s very hard to predict this question but for now our main goal is to work with China and their policy.

Our residential recycling customers in Orange County, NY specifically have been dealing with this change since August 2018. As the change may be quite difficult to understand, it is important to know that they are still helping the environment by placing glass in the trash containers. Don’t worry! Glass is not toxic to the environment, so placing them in your trash container is perfectly fine. It actually acts as a blanket cover for the landfill. The recycling industry can be very demanding regarding market changes and how recycling company programs are designed. IWS values their customers as well as the environment so we hope that our customers take this into consideration and understand the changes we are have been faced with. On our website you can find all the items that are acceptable and not acceptable for residential recycling.

residential recycling

If you are still having trouble understanding what belongs in your residential recycling bin and what doesn’t belong, here are the 3 golden rules of recycling to help increase the knowledge about recycling.

Feel free to share this video to help keep recycling contamination low and to ensure that recyclable materials stay out of the landfill.