5 Garbage Disposal NJ Rules Residents Must Comply With

Many residents struggle to follow garbage disposal NJ rules. Each municipality maintains its own set of rules and regulations, which makes understanding guidelines difficult for homeowners. If you follow your local New Jersey waste guidelines, you are much more likely to meet your private waste company’s disposal requirements. Depending on your locality, complying with these rules could avoid fines from the municipality or garbage disposal provider. Compliance is also necessary to continue receiving services on an ongoing basis. If you would like to follow the guidelines, read this post on the most common garbage disposal NJ rules.  

Use Proper Trash Containers

Firstly, residents must use proper trash containers for NJ garbage disposal. To comply with this rule, secure your trash inside of plastic garbage bags before every pickup. According to common garbage disposal guidelines, waste carter will not accept trash that is stored inside of paper bags or cardboard boxes. Moreover, waste management companies require residents to place filled garbage bags inside of their designated trash bins. Follow this procedure to comply with the container garbage disposal NJ rule for residents. 

Do Not Include Hazardous Waste

Another garbage disposal rule to follow is to leave hazardous waste out of your regular collection. The term “hazardous waste” refers to trash items that include corrosive, toxic and flammable materials. Common household hazardous waste (HHW) materials include cleaning products, batteries, lawn fertilizer, oil and nail polish remover. Carting NJ companies prohibit these items from regular garbage pickups because they require a separate removal process. When improperly disposed of, they can pose several safety and health risks. Follow this garbage disposal rule to not only comply with regulations, but to keep your neighborhood safe as well. 

Avoid Mixing Recyclables And Trash

When disposing of garbage, you must also avoid mixing recyclables and trash. Professional waste management services prohibit residents from placing recyclables such as cardboard, aluminum cans and plastic bottles in their garbage bins. This rule is particularly important to follow since mixing materials can tarnish recyclables. When residents fail to follow this guideline, their recyclables often get contaminated by garbage items. As a result, the recyclables cannot be reused. Therefore, you must comply with this garbage disposal NJ rule to put your recyclables to good use.

Follow Bulk Item Protocol

Residents must also follow the bulk item protocol to comply with garbage disposal rules. The most common bulk items include furniture, large appliances and mattresses. Of course, you cannot fit these items in your regular trash containers for curbside pickup. However, you also cannot place them next to containers on non-scheduled bulk pickup days. To dispose of them properly, you must contact your garbage company NJ to schedule a special bulk pickup. Follow this rule to get rid of large, bulky items and comply with the garbage disposal New Jersey rules. 

Do Not Include Yard Waste 

In order to comply with garbage disposal North Jersey rules, residents must avoid putting yard waste in regular trash bins. In many states, it is illegal for residents to put their yard waste in the same bins as household garbage. The purpose of the law is to make composting yard waste a requirement for garbage disposal companies. Carters are now required to transport yard waste to composting facilities so it can be recycled into fertilizer. Ensure that you follow this law by placing yard waste items such as leaves, garden refuse, grass clippings and tree limbs in a separate container. Then, you can successfully comply with the garbage disposal rules. 

Despite the confusion around garbage disposal rules, it is crucial for residents to follow them. One of the most significant rules to comply with is to use proper trash containers. Avoid placing hazardous household waste in your regular trash bins as well. Moreover, do not mix your recyclables and trash items together. Follow your Paramus waste management company’s bulk item protocol to properly get rid of furniture, mattresses and large appliances. Finally, do not include yard waste in your curbside trash collection bins. Residents must comply with these garbage disposal NJ rules.