From NYC Parks to Ballparks


Earlier last month myself and a few of my colleagues participated in an NYC Parks Activity event alongside students from the Lou Gehrig Middle School IS151 in the Bronx. We helped clean up a park by pulling a specific kind of weed called a mustard weed. All of the students appeared to enjoy the activity, as did all of us at Action.

This was all made possible through the PENCIL organization. Pencil’s Partnership Program allows business volunteers to work with public schools in order to help students learn and to better their experiences. Through this program, Action is able to work closely with Lou Gehrig Middle School. Action has aided the school in creating their environmental club, as well as volunteering with students at various events.

Later that same month on June 19th the Yankees played the Blue Jays and Action was able to offer tickets to some of the same students from Lou Gehrig Middle school who we worked with at the game NYC Parks Activity. The teacher of the year at the school, Ms. Kelly Hand was honored at this and I represented Action on the field prior to the game in honoring Ms. Hand. Both of our names were announced aloud to the stadium, myself as an Action representative and Kelly as teacher of the year. It was very cool to be on the field, and also to make it onto the jumbotron at the stadium. In addition, it was great to see some of the same kids from the NYC Parks Activity enjoying themselves at the game. The Yankees were successful in going for their third win and “sweep” against the Blue Jays, making the game a very exciting and worthwhile one for myself and the students from Lou Gehrig Middle School.