Council Member Antonio Reynoso visits our MRF

We were pleased to welcome Council Member Antonio Reynoso at our optical sorter recycling center in the Bronx.  We further appreciate the note in CM Reynoso’s newsletter.

Last week, I was saddened and upset by the death of Eric Garner at the hands of an NYPD officer due to the use of an illegal chokehold.  His death was preventable, and was a tragic example of how “broken windows” policing targets low-income people and people of color with aggressive tactics for minor infractions.  I stood with my colleagues in the Council’s Black, Latino, and Asian Caucus last week to call on the City to hold all the officers involved accountable for their actions.  This event has sparked a citywide conversation about how to ensure that events like this do not continue to happen, and I intend to work with my colleagues in the Council to promote reforms that will help to improve the relationship between communities and police.  

During the break from the Council’s legislative session, I have taken the opportunity, as Chair of the Sanitation Committee, to visit some of the city’s waste-oriented sites.  Earlier this month, along with fellow Council Member Corey Johnson, I visited the soon-to-open Spring Street Sanitation Garage in Manhattan, and this week I visited Action Carting’s state-of-the-art recycling facility in the Bronx.  I am excited to see both the public and private sectors investing in solid waste management.

We have been busy here in the district as well!  On July 19, I partnered with Brooklyn Ballers to sponsor the Bushwick Renaissance basketball tournament at Bushwick Houses.  Over 70 youth between the ages of 7-16 participated, and over 40 parents and neighbors, as well as Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson, joined in on the fun.  Thanks to everyone who came out!

Recently, my office became aware that new management had taken over at project-based Section 8 development Las Cabanas, and tenants were experiencing various issues as a result.  Last night, we gathered close to 60 residents in the courtyard to hear about their experiences. They raised issues such as public safety, repairs, late fees, and rent arrears.  I am pleased to say that the tenants are now taking steps to form a tenant association to tackle these issues collectively.

Council Member Antonio Reynoso

The New York City Department of Transportation’s Vision Zero plan seeks to end traffic injuries and deaths on NYC streets. They are developing Safety Action Plans in each borough for the next phase of Vision Zero implementation. Give your feedback about transportation safety in your neighborhood on the City’s interactive Vision Zero map!

Paid Sick Leave in NYC began this week!  If you work in NYC for more than 80 hours a year, you can earn up to 40 hours of sick leave each year to care for yourself or a family member.  Visit theNYC Department of Consumer Affairs for more info.  Para información en Español, haga click aqui.

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