Onboard Computer System

“A Computer on Every Truck”

We take pride in the fact that we are the most progressive and innovative provider of non-hazardous waste management & recycling services in the area. In an effort to serve YOU, our customer, and our community better, we are proud to announce that our fleet of IWS trucks are equipped with the state-of–the-art onboard computing fleet management software system.

What Does This Technolgy Do?

This technology is essentially a computer system that is installed in our trucks. This fleet management software utilizes GPS, customer account information, cameras and more to create a plethora of important information that benefits our employees, customers and our environment.

Key Benefits


This advanced technology provides essential information to our operations team to aid in more effective route planning to help us do our jobs faster and smarter.

Customer Service

The data that the system collects will help our Customer Service Team assist you, our customer, with real-time service status and aids with account questions.