Our Evolving, Expanding, Vehicle Fleet

At IWS, we are very proud of our fleet and our service style. We understand the importance and pride we take in keeping our fleet and our equipment freshly painted and squeaky clean. After all, our trucks are the face of our business to the general public and our valued customers.

Our sister fleet from Action has won awards at the Diesel Truck Nationals numerous times. We consider this quite an honor because Action was the only waste and recycling company to have won the Best Fleet Award. Recognition like this lifts the morale of our whole team at both Action and IWS.

Like many businesses, innovations in equipment and technology can forever change the way we operate in very short periods of time. For that reason, we have made a commitment to keeping up with current innovations and improvements that help to protect our environment.

In fact, Action has been cited by the New York Times in an article about the efforts of private trash haulers to create cleaner air. In the article, our CEO, Ron Bergamini, outlined Action’s support of New York City’s efforts to update the air pollution control code and Action’s commitment to reducing emissions. “With or without legislation, we support cleaner emissions for our industry.” Mr. Bergamini also noted that “Action has plans underway to replace 50% of our 80 trucks by 2020.”