DSNY Provides Update to Commercial Waste Zoning Implementation

February 22, 2023

Action Environmental has been successfully serving businesses in New York City for over 20 years and built a reputation as one of the city’s premier haulers.  We are committed to serving NYC and remain close to DSNY’s process, hearings, and information requests.  We will continue to share the latest developments from DSNY and are available to answer your questions.  You can count on us to share what you need to know!  We have a page on our website dedicated to Commercial Waste Zoning (CWZ) and will update the page as information is available.  Visit interstatewaste.com/dsny for information, an interactive map of the zones, and CWZ goals.

During a hearing hosted by the NYC Council on February 22, DSNY’s Commissioner, Jessica Tisch testified, providing an update on Commercial Waste Zoning implementation.  From the testimony, we learned more about DSNY’s CWZ process and implementation timeline.

In summary, no action is necessary from our customers;  business as usual until 2024.


The DSNY Commissioner confirmed that their team has finished the evaluation of all CWZ RFPs for completeness.
DSNY is currently evaluating and scoring proposals submitted by the carters who want to be considered for the CWZ zone awards.
After all carter proposals have been evaluated and scored, DSNY will announce the carters that have been awarded each zone.
DSNY anticipates it will begin its contract negotiation period with each awarded carter during a CWZ implementation period. DSNY expects that these contracts will take several months to finalize and to go through the approval process.

A single pilot zone to launch in second half of 2024

DSNY has NOT yet determined what that pilot zone will be, however, DSNY anticipates the pilot zone will launch in the second half of 2024.

Full CWZ implementation in all 20 zones expected through 2025-2026

After the successful implementation in the pilot zone, DSNY will begin the gradual rollout of other zones.  DSNY is planning a 4-month transition period for each zone, meaning once the program launches in the zone, customers will have this time to select an awarded hauler.  DSNY is projecting the rollout will take 2 years to implement CWZ in all 20 zones.
Commissioner Tisch also shared that DSNY will be working with a third-party vendor to develop an outreach and education program.  This means DSNY will be conducting their own outreach to New York City businesses/business owners to help educate them on the CWZ law and compliance.

For the meeting minutes or to view the recorded meeting, click here to visit the NYC Council’s website: https://legistar.council.nyc.gov/MeetingDetail.aspx?ID=1075433&GUID=DBEB1F5B-CDD9-4DEB-A1B0-858F6BBAEA24&Options=info|&Search=

Action Environmental is excited to be a part of the proposal process and will be staying close to any developments from DSNY.