Be Aware Of Surroundings: Safety University

In a business like ours, there are a lot of moving parts and we use some pretty heavy duty equipment. So operating safely while at work is paramount to our operation. One tip to keep everyone safe is to ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings while on the job.

The following video will highlight the top 5 things all employees need to do on the job to ensure they are aware at all times.

be aware of surroundings
  1. Never assume that the other person see’s you (seek eye contact, beep your air horn, flash your lights, etc. make sure they see you).
  2. Never walk too closely to equipment. Leave at least 15 feet between yourself and the equipment.
  3. Always wear your PPE to make sure you are seen
  4. Be aware of other drivers and trucks in the area
  5. Don’t be distracted. You should never be on your cell phone or walking with your head down in high traffic areas.

Remember to always be aware of your surroundings to avoid incident. Remember safety is no accident. Want more industry tips? Check out the NWRA’s safety stand down page.

For more safety tips check out our Safety University for more training videos and safety tips.