Residential Curbside Pickup

Residential Curbside Pickup

Residential Curbside Pickup – Where and What We Offer

In order to improve the communities we service, it is important to us to keep the area as clean as possible. With a clean community as a whole we are one step closer to a better environment and achieving the goal of “zero waste”. Residential curbside pickup is a service we offer to have a clean neighborhood.

We proudly service New Jersey and New York with garbage and recycling services. Orange County Residential customers need to be aware of the changes with the changes to recycling services! We are no longer accepting glass in the single stream totters. Curbside pickup has evolved over the years for the better. Our residential curbside pickup program is designed to assist all types of households.

Here are a few tips for following our residential curbside pickup program:

1.  Garbage and recycling bins must be placed at curbside for residents. It is suggested for residential customers to place the bins out the night before to ensure that garbage and recycling is serviced on time.

2. We do offer bulk services as well! Orange County residents must call to make an appointment to get a household item picked up. If you are unsure about the item, call and ask one of our customer service representatives for assistance. FYI we do not take any hazardous materials as a bulk pickup.

3. We do not take any hazardous materials or yard waste. Be sure to not dispose of them in the bins to ensure that there will not be any contamination in regards to the garbage and recycling.

While servicing residential curbside pickup, safety is always a priority. Our drivers take pride in obeying traffic laws and do not partake in any reckless driving. As our drivers are always watching for pedestrians it is just as important that pedestrians look out for them as well. Service and safety is number 1!

It’s okay, not all residents first job is to make sure that everything is properly disposed of. But the concept is crucial and in order to better the environment as a community we must all do our part in residential curbside pickup.