Celebrating Earth Day 2018

When you work in the recycling business every day is Earth Day! But it’s still important to come together at local events to speak to members of the community about the importance of recycling.

Let’s take a look at all of the amazing events that took place this year that celebrated the planet and discussed ways that we can help save it.

Earth Day at Time Warner Center

We had the pleasure of speaking with shoppers at the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle. We spoke about the importance of recycling and what items belong in which bin.

Earth Day TWC
Earth Day TWC2

Earth Day Initiative – Union Square

The annual Earth Day New York at Union Square event featured dozens of exhibitors, including environmental non-profits, green businesses, kids’ activities, and live performances.  

Earth Day Union Sq
Earth Day Union Sq2

Sustainable Warwick – Too Good To Toss

To celebrate , Sustainable Warwick hosted a pop-up re-use event. Community members cleaned out their closets and basements and generously donated enough items that would have otherwise been thrown in the trash and sent to a landfill. Volunteers sorted and arranged the goods into categories to make them easy to “shop.” More than 500 people took home artwork, clothing, tools, housewares, sports equipment, craft materials, baby gear and more! IWS was happy to lend a hand for such an amazing event.

Earth Day Warwick
Earth Day Warwick3

Earth Day Warwick2