Industrial Expertise and Customized Solutions

Industrial Waste Collection & Disposal

Warehouses, supermarkets, manufacturing facilities, hospitals, big-box retailers and other large facilities have unique, often complex waste collection, disposal and recycling needs. Interstate Waste Services’ experienced consultants work with each industrial customer to design the most appropriate and cost-efficient system to manage their waste stream.

  • IWS can custom design, construct and install any size compaction unit to meet all applications.
  • Our self-contained units are ideal for facilities with large amounts of liquid in the waste cafeterias, hotels, restaurants, etc.); stationary compactors are perfect for businesses that generate little-to-no liquid in the waste (manufacturing facilities, retail stores, offices, etc).
  • This system will include a compaction unit that collects and stores the waste.
  • Compaction units reduce the amount of space required to store waste and can result in the cost savings by reducing pick-up frequency.