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Happy Mother's Day To Our Action Moms

Happy Mother's Day To Our Action Moms

This Sunday is Mother's Day and to celebrate we highlight the moms we have working here at Action!

Allison Trabb, Dispatcher

Allison Trabb

Mackenzie, she 3.5 years old, she just started playing soccer and loves playing it, she think she runs the field.

Joanne Watson, Collector

Joanne Watson

Natalie and Emilia. Having 2 girls has been the happiest moment of my life. Although there is 11 years between them sister’s always have a special bond. I have a very close family and we all try to spend as much time together as we can.

Nataly Nunez, Customer Service Representative

Nataly Nunez

I believe in love at first sight… because I am a mom. This is my princess, she is now 10 months old and so smart. Nothing makes me happier than being with her at all times. My daughter gives me life, I love her so much!

April Levine, Billing Manager

April Levine

These are my little girls! The air I breathe and the reason I live!! Autumn Anne is 7. She loves doing tae Kwon do and is a blue belt, singing and dancing! She is my little diva! McKenzie is 3 and she is my little tom boy....she loves cracking jokes and copying her big sister!

Amanda Perez, Scale Master

Amanda Perez

Adalynn Paige who is 13 months old.

Jacqueline Garcia, Payroll Director

Jacqueline Garcia2

Erin and I (the ugly couch I’m sitting on is not mine!)

Danielle, Erin, and I on Philadelphia Duck Tour (missing from photo is John- who unfortunately forgot to take the life preserver)

Marisa Kellerhouse, Sales Manager

Marisa Kellerhouse MD

Tyler is 12. He loves to play sports and is an All County musician.

Lauren is 10. She is an Honor Student, cheer leader and just started to run track.

Xavier is 20 months. He is into his binky and his bike and thinks the world of his older brother and sister.

Helena Matos, Customer Service Representative

Helena Matos

Ava Marie is 4, loves to dance and sing along to any song on the radio. She’s my Sunshine, Little Princess and my Best Friend for life.

Marisa Rizzo, Director of Customer Service

Marisa Rizzo

I am the proud mom of 3 amazing kids. Nicole was Varsity Cheer captain for the West Essex Knights this year. She turns 18 in July and will be going to West Chester University in the fall to major in accounting with the hopes of being a forensic accountant in the future. Frankie is turning 15 and loves playing football and just started wrestling this year. He works so hard at everything he does and hopes to have a career in sports management someday. Michael will be 12 next month. He is my social kid, out all the time with friends and loves anything involving sports. You can usually find him at the park with 20 kids playing basketball or tennis baseball. All 3 of them are special and different in their own way and I wouldn’t want change a thing!

Tina Giannella, Liability Adjuster

Tina Giannella

My world…they are my everything, I love them with every ounce of me. This is what Mother’s Day is all about.

Hannah Rivera, Inside Sales Representative

Hannah Rivera

Big Brother Gabriel loves to wear matching outfits with Baby Brother Hunter. Stepdaughter Gianni loves to bake & sing. Their ages are 8, 8, and 4 months. These 3 make me proud to be a Mom.

Angela D'Ambrosio, Office Manager

Angela DAmbrosio

The best part of my life is being a Mother to my two beautiful children, Giuseppe and ToniAnn, even though they are not children anymore, I will always be there for them, and them for me.

They are my ride or die and always have my back. I am truly blessed.

Monique Robinson, Customer Service Representative

Monique Robinson

My greatest gifts are my sons. I thank God trusted me to be their Mother. Being their Mom is the most important job in the world, I love them with all my heart and soul.

Joyce Vasilik, Sales Manager

Joyce Vasilik

Fiona will be 2 years old at the end of this month.  She loves going to the park, jumping on trampolines and all things Mickey Mouse.  She has 3 cats for siblings, and in August she’ll welcome a baby sister!

Maria Ferraris, Payroll Administrator

Maria F

David (my youngest) age: 2. Right now he is in the stage of exploring, and trying to climb onto things. He loves watching Little Einstein’s, and enjoys music. Looking to enroll him in preschool in Sept for a few hours. My son is on the spectrum of Autism and faces challenges everyday but he has a very supportive and loving family all around that’s helping him achieve his goals. David has shown progress in the last months of all his therapies. His smile is very captivating, his laughter and hugs always make my day.

Thomas (my oldest) age: 4, loves trains, helicopters, likes to build using tools, and loves to cook. Will be attending Pre K in Sept. and currently is in Tennis class for fun. Communicates in both English & Spanish, enjoys reading at night before bed. Loves playdoh and anything to do with playdoh. Thomas is very shy and yet very inquisitive and is a quick learner.

Gretchen Klein, Customer Service Representative

Gretchen Klein

My 4 lil monkeys - My world. They have made my life complete. Love the adventure that every day brings!

Kathy Smith, Dispatcher

Kathy Smith

I am the proud mom of 3 terrific boys (now Men) all on NYPD! My husband and I are very lucky to have such 3 terrific kids.

Lauri Magro, Billing Clerk

Lauri Magro

Rachael -22yrs old -Will soon be going to Grad School for School Counseling Greg -18yrs old, will be going James Madison University in the fall.

Maura Richter, Billing Supervisor


My 4 year old son, John, is who calls me Mom He is funny, smart and very loving. He tells me several times a day how much he loves me and gives the best hugs ever! I’m so grateful to be his mother. It’s not always easy but I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Happy Mother’s Day!

Marilyn Rodriguez, Scale Master

Marilyn Rodriguez

My son Joel my world, my clown, my motivator! Mommy loves you to the moon and back baby.

Mollie Arguell, Assistant Controller

Mollie Arguell

This is my daughter Megan, she is 25 and has already traveled to 32 countries.  I am incredibly proud and lucky to be her Mom and friend.


Thank you moms and all that you do!

Happy Mother's Day.

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