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A Very Happy Father's Day To Our Action Dads

A Very Happy Father's Day To Our Action Dads

This Sunday is Father's Day and to celebrate we highlight the dads we have working here at Action!

Frank Rizzo, NYC Sales

Frank Rizzo

I have 3 beautiful kids that make me proud in their own way every day.

Nicole is my princess and has accomplished everything she wanted from being an all American cheerleader, 4 year varsity starter, and team captain. She was accepted to her college of choice which she will start in September and I know she will do great there and achieve all of her dreams.

Frankie is my middle child. He makes me proud every day and has a competitive nature that will never stop him from achieving what he wants from being class president to a great football player and wrestler. His determination never changes.

Michael is my little tough guy. His determination for everything he wants to do is unmeasurable. There is no quit in him and he makes me proud to be his dad every day. He plays his heart out in every sport whether it be football, baseball, or basketball. Whenever anyone tells him that he can’t do something, he proves them wrong.

Tom Carey, Director of HR

Tom Carey

My wife Carol and my daughter Julie. Julie is 18 and recently graduated Midland Park High School and will be attending Rowan University in the fall to major in Education with a specialty in Health and Physical Education. Julie is a very easy going girl who was Captain of 3 sports in high school (Soccer, Basketball and Softball). Julie enjoys working with children, dancing and loves the Yankees and Notre Dame (wonder who she gets that from?). She enjoys spending time with her friends family and cousins. To all our employees that are father’s, Happy Father’s Day from the Carey’s.

David Starr, NYS Sales

David Starr

Allison is 7 years old and likes ballet and soccer.

Jack is 4 years old and likes baseball and soccer.

Brian Giambagno, CFO


Daddy's little girls!

Pete Pirrello, NYC Sales

Pete Pirrello FD

Tate Roman, Dispatcher

Tate Roman

Tate Roman Sr and my 13 yrs old son Jayden Roman

Jeff Steele, Sales

Jeff Steel

Jeff & Gianna Steele

Ron White, Accounts Receivable

Ron White FD

My wife Kim and my 2 step children Caitlin and Carlee.

Dan Wilson, Director of Finance

Dan Wilson

Blake & Brittany Wilson

Eran Demcevski, IT


Sal Mastriani, Director of Safety

sal M FD

Martine 25 (Army Jag), Salvatore 22 (Virginia Tech), Miranda 19 (Scranton U), Madison 11 trouble

Greg O'Brien, IT

Greg OB FD

His birthday was just last week, he’s now 10. He loves basketball, acting on stage, karate, and most of all video games, namely the Zelda series or games.

Freddy Andrade, NYC Sales


Sergio 28, Pierre 26 & Nicole 19

Nelson Matos, Site Manager


Daddy's little princess Ava, 4

Ron Bergamini, CEO


Derek Conklin, Accounts Receivable Manager


From left to right: Jocelyn, Greyson and Paige. They have already brought me so much happiness and laughter that I can’t wait to see what will happen in the years to come.

Rossano Martino, Safety Manager


Frank Blandino, Director of Legal Affairs

FrankB FD

My son: Andrew J Blandino, 21 years old, Senior, University of Illinois, Major: Electrical Engineering.

Umberto Reo, NYC Sales

Umberto Reo

A photo of my family at my son's promotion to NYPD Detective. If was a proud day for my family and it was one of the proudest moments for me as a father.

To dads everywhere thank you for all that you do.
Happy Father's Day!

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